About Us

SOING-PLASTICS is established under legal entity SOING d.o.o., with headquarter in Varaždin, Croatia, as a global industry leader, a professional manufacturer of wide range of best quality plastics products, including Polymer materials, PA, silicone, PTFE and other, continuously improving through in-house developed technology, and highly specialized in construction and production of tools and injection moulds.

The Company began to develop in the early seventies, and through hard work and continuous investments, the Company developed carefully but surely and gained the respect of the customers and the market on global level by our efficient delivery terms, business practices, top quality and dedication to the fulfilment of the customers' needs worldwide.

The present quality of our products is a result of numerous tests, experiments, quality verifications, permanent innovations and suggestions made by the customers.

The SOING-PLASTICS team consists of highly-trained and experienced experts who excel in competence, reliability and flexibility. Our experts are continuing to research and refine our products in order to bring the very best in new developments to several hundreds of completely satisfied customers worldwide.


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